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Odds are the answer is yes if you are marketing and selling to customers and potential customers and they aren’t receiving your message. Why wouldn’t they be receiving your message? The answer might be as simple as your database list. The most valuable asset your sales team has in its arsenal is a good, clean database list. This could come in many forms:

  • Your Current Customer List
  • Your Prospect List
  • A Purchased List to Reach a New Customer Base

Why You Need a Clean List?

  • You can learn the buying habits of your current customers and more easily target specific messages to them.
  • It is easier to spot trends and patterns in the buying cycle.
  • You can dramatically improve your Customer Service Department by supplying them with up-to-date information.
  • Most Important: You save time, money, wasted effort and you improve your ROI with each Direct Mail Campaign.

How Do You Clean Your List?

  • Make sure you have an internal system set up to change database information.
  • Have your Sales Team responsible for making sure the customer information is current.
  • Call Weatherall Printing! We use the most current postal system software and can run your lists through NCOA and CASS systems for the most current address, as well as deleting duplicate names and addresses.

Weatherall LogoYes, Direct Mail is still alive and kicking and should have a place in your marketing strategy for 2014. In 2011, businesses spent almost $48 Billion on direct mail marketing. And, it isn’t slowing down with direct mail spending forecast to increase 3.6% through 2014.

Here are 10 tips to consider when designing your next direct mail campaign.

A Good, Clean List
The right mailing list is the key to your campaign’s success. Profiling your current clients and members is a great place to start.

Clear Offer
Be clear about your offer. Direct Mail works best when it is specific.

Be Creative
Get creative with your campaign, but don’t put it before steps 1 and 2. 80% of the success of your campaign will be determined by the list and offer.

Test, Test, Test
Test different offers and designs. Direct Mail is easily tracked. You can segment 10% of your list and experiment with different offers and designs.

Personalize Your Campaign
Personalize the copy and images. Incorporating the prospect’s name into the copy will increase  your response rate. Even better, use relevant information such as gender and ethnicity to version each piece.

Plan for the Majority
Make sure you plan for the majority, not the exception. Obsessing over the gentleman who goes by “Jim” but “James” was on his mailer does not ruin the campaign. Correct it and move on to the next mailing.

Make Responding Easy
Have an online response mechanism. It can be something as simple as an email address, or a more personalized approach using a Personalized URL (PURL).

Pair Your Direct Mail with Other Marketing Channels
Consider pairing your direct mail with other marketing channels, like email. When an email address is available, coordinating the delivery of the email with the mail piece drives up responses.

Commit to more than one mailing. Direct Mail has a drip effect that increases the likelihood of a response through repetition.

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For companies of all sizes, success often comes down to dollars and cents. Sales drives revenue and profit, and marketing can reach an audience that can ideally be converted into those sales. While major enterprise corporations have the luxury of spending millions, even billions of dollars on marketing and advertising annually to build sales and grow profits, small- and medium-sized business (SMBs) are often resource-strapped in three key areas; budget, time and expertise.

AS a SMB, your company is probably looking for a partner to help it market and sell in today’s cross-media world. You need solutions that integrate and automate marketing across print, online, mobile and social media channels, while being agile enough to support emerging media types and channels as they rise to prominence.

Just like enterprises, SMBs are also becoming more data-driven. While you want solutions that can help drive demand and generate leads, you also want information on marketing effectiveness across all channels and a calculation of return on marketing effectiveness across all channels and a calculation of return on marketing investment (ROMI) so they can further optimize marketing and sales.

Marketing automation technology has emerged with the potential to meet all of these demands. Many solutions on the market today provide a central location to manage a business’ marketing efforts. Based on workflows a user creates, these solutions can automate the creation, distribution, tracking and management of marketing communications for many different applications.

funnel picIn the case of sales effectiveness, marketing automation is used to keep leads engaged and nurtured as they work their way from a lead to a sale, which is detailed in photo. Triggers are often used as a way to prompt when a message is sent to a recipient: A prospect or lead may fill out an online form for more information; triggering further targeted communication based on the information that person provided. Most marketing automation solutions available today focus on automating and optimizing the use of email to communicate with customers and prospects more effectively. With an expanding interest in using direct mail and other promotional print, however, more solutions are also adding support to automate print marketing. These solutions often integrate with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help manage and store captured information, such as behaviors and preferences, to drive more targeted (and successful) communications as these initiatives evolve.

Of the SMBs surveyed in the InfoTrends’ report Capturing the SMB Marketing Automation Opportunity, 14% are already using marketing automation solutions in their business. Many report improvements in marketing effectiveness and measurement capabilities.

Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement, and SMBs need to work on using marketing automation to help generate demand more effectively, improve the quality of sales leads coming into their companies and enable more effective communication with customers.

SMBs face many challenges in this rapidly evolving world, especially as it relates to resource constraints around money, time and expertise. SMBs need easy-to-use tools, as well as sage guidance, to lead them in the right direction and help them get the most out of the resources they do have. Self-service tools and marketing automation technology help address a number of critical marketing and communication needs. These solutions are increasingly easy to use, provide time-saving functionality and leverage the Internet to provide a cost-effective choice for SMBs that think big.

Steph Pieruccini is a consultant for InfoTrends, a worldwide consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry.

Marketing is transforming right before our eyes at a pace never before seen. Sales-ready leads, data management, lead scoring and nurturing, tracking, and measurement at the contact level are just a few of the focus areas for marketers in 2013.

The fact that studies report that marketers are going to spend more on IT staff in the coming five years than their IT Market_piccounterparts demonstrates the importance of more effective marketing methodologies driven by new technology solutions.

This fundamental transformation is creating unprecedented opportunities in the fastest growth area of our industry. This also requires a new kind of technology solution – one that helps marketers create relationships – building dialogs across fragmented channels, one that helps them address then marketing ecosystem in a more effective manner, and one that is powered by deep insight and analytics.

Wikipedia defines marketing automation as the use of a marketing automation platform to streamline sales and marketing organizations by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions. Essentially, it enables marketers to do more in less time and allows the marketer to focus on high gain activities while the technology delivers the marketing program methodologies.

Most of the marketing automation solutions today are cloud-based applications that enable print and marketing professionals to seamlessly integrate off and online media, such as direct mail, email, web, SMS (text messaging), social media and mobile to create a highly personalized and unified experience across multiple channels.

Since the No. 1 goal of most marketers today is to deliver sales-ready leads to their sales teams, a new and important marketing application within the marketing automation solution now takes on new significance for all marketers; the ability to create rule based, multi-touch drip marketing campaigns to generate, nurture and score leads – cost effectively.

What this does for the marketer is enable them to deliver sales-ready leads to sales for immediate follow-up, while the remaining prospects are lead nurtured until they move into the sales-ready category.

Joseph Manos is an Executive Vice President for Irvine, Calif. Based MindFireInc, which specializes in marketing intelligence software and services that enable the creation and deployment of targeted, trackable cross-media marketing campaigns. You may contact him at

Weatherall Printing launched a newly designed website this month. Our new site is now more customer-focused and aimed at making it easier for customers to place orders, request quotes and upload files directly to Weatherall Printing. In responseMessage to most facets of business going digital, we have made it easier for the customer to handle the information flow directly to Weatherall Printing. We have also added social media to our new site. You will find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Weatherall Printing Co. was established in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1924 as an office supply and stationers store. In 1957 the office supply portion of the business was sold and since then we have been printing commercially, serving the Southeast Region of the United States.  We moved into our current facility in July 1983, expanded in 1994 and again in 2004. In addition to offset printing, we now offer digital printing, online storefronts and multi-channel marketing solutions to deliver your message. Visit us at

The look and feel of certain papers in your hand plays a part in how your finished piece will turn out. I have read several books over and over simply because they feel wonderful in my hand. How ink and paper work with each other is an enormous part of printing, as well as the cost. Understanding and picking the right paper for your next job is paramount to its success.

First, you’ll need to understand the differences, and there are many.

Paper Type
Paper usually comes in one of two types: Coated or Uncoated. The paper stock you choose is usually written in terms of paper weight or thickness (lbs or pts) and paper type. To explain, “14 pt Gloss” means the paper you chose has a thickness of 14 points with a gloss look or sheen to it.

Paper Stock

Uncoated paper means exactly how it sounds, no additional coating was applied to the paper. It is usually used for letterhead, envelopes and personal stationary.

Gloss refers to the coating on the paper. This should not be confused with the post-production finishing process like UV or AQ Coating. “Gloss” simply refers to the actual gloss or sheen of the paper itself, prior to printing.

Coated One Side: Paper Stock is glossy on front, flat with no coating on the back.

Coated Two Sides: Sheet is glossy on both sides.

Silk coated paper stock has a flat, unreflective or dull finish. 

Finishing Coat
Aqueous Coating
This clear coating creates a high-glass surface to protect the printed pieces from dirt and fingerprints. The AQ coat improves the durability of your printed piece (such as postcards, brochures and catalog covers) as it goes through the mail.

Weatherall Printing’s Standard Stock and Uses
80# Gloss Text

Standard glossy paper stock with a thickness like a light magazine cover. The glossy finish provides an excellent opaque base for rich process color printing.
Printing Uses: Brochures, Catalog Inserts, and Flyers.

100# Gloss Text
This paper stock is similar to 80# Gloss Text but is thicker and heavier. It gives your printed piece a more significant feel.
Printing Uses: Brochures, Information Sheets, Self-Mailers, Posters, Newsletters.

80# Silk Text
This paper stock fine, non-gloss finish that makes it easier to read.
Printing Uses: Brochures, Newsletters, Catalog Inserts and Flyers.

100# Silk Text
This paper stock is thicker and heavier than the 80# Text for a more substantial feeling piece.
Printing Uses: Brochures, Newsletters, Catalog Inserts and Flyers.

80#  Silk Cover or 100# Silk Cover
This paper stock is a cover stock with a smooth, non-shiny coating. It is perfect for detailed printing and still have the ability to easily write on the paper. It is often paired with its sister paper, 80# or 100# silk text, for use inside of your catalog or booklet.

80# Gloss Cover or 100# Gloss Cover
As a cover stock, this paper is stiff like most postcards. This stock is also coated, making photos and other images look beautiful.
Printing Uses: Heavy-Weight Brochures, Catalog Covers, and Product Specification Sheets

100# Uncoated Cover
This paper stock is in 14 point thickness and you can easily write on this stock.
Printing uses: Business Cards, Appointment, and Reminder Cards

70# Uncoated Text
This uncoated (non-glossy) paper stock has a significant feel in your hands, and is the best type of uncoated paper for desktop laser printing.
Printing Uses: Stationery, Newsletters, and Superbills

24# and 28# Uncoated Text
This paper stock is normally used for envelopes.
Printing Uses: Envelopes and used as Copy Paper

While these are our standard stock items, we order many other types of paper stock to suit your project.
For your next printing project, please contact our Customer Service Department and let us help you deliver your message!

Deborah Kellett, Customer Service
Betty LaBiche, Customer Service