The whole “big data” phenomenon may be overstated in the business and tech media at this point, but for good reason: Companies are proving time and time again that a data-driven approach leads to smarter business decisions and can develop a competitive edge. As a result, more businesses — even small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — are turning to solutions that help them harness the power of big data to help them do everything, from more accurately tracking inventory to listening and engaging with relevant online social conversations.

As the data universe continues to grow exponentially, tools are rapidly being developed and deployed to analyze larger and more diverse data sets to make it easier to make quick, actionable decisions. Marketers and advertisers are shifting their spending to digital channels, which means more metrics but also more noise in an already-noisy media landscape. Technologies and services that help marketers filter out this noise to capture actionable insight, while also automating manual tasks in intuitive ways, will deliver the most value and, as a result, find the most success.

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